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These Seemingly Strange Dishes Are Really Popular Treats On Different Parts Of The Globe

Each country has its unique culinary traditions that should be respected and valued. However, we can confidently say we wouldn’t try any of the dishes on this list, even after losing a bet. While some recipes contain creatures we wouldn’t dare to come five feet close to, others call for animals we’d adopt as pets. Get ready to be amazed (and probably disgusted) by these seven dishes widely consumed in other nations of the globe.

A Cambodian snack

If you spotted a tarantula in the corner of your shed, you’d probably run away and never look back. However, some Cambodians have a different conception of these hairy and terrifying creepy crawlers.

Image courtesy of Wikipedia

People began eating fried tarantulas for subsistence to combat starvation under the brutal 1970s Khmer Rouge rule. Over time, they’ve become a popular crab-like treat. Now, you can have them with garlic.

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