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Finding Love in the Grocery Store: The Cutest Trader Joe’s Valentine’s Foods

From heart-themed pastries to candies, Trader Joe’s has always given us a unique taste of love on Valentine’s Day. Throughout January and February, the store has heightened our anticipation by gradually releasing Valentine-themed snacks and meals. As February 14th approaches, choosing the best love-themed snack to share with your partner or gals is more fun and delicious than ever. Here are the best five V-Day foods from TJ’s.

Dark Chocolate Caramel Hearts

Not everyone likes dining out on Valentine’s Day, especially if a private dinner is what you have in mind. This makes these caramel hearts the perfect dessert after a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner at home.

Courtesy: Trader Joe’s

The heart-shaped candies feature a sweet caramel center with a layer of glossy dark chocolate as a coating. Whether you’re celebrating love with your partner or friendship with your best buddies, these candies are a hit! 

For the Love Of Chocolate Mousse Cake

This is a suitable choice if you’re looking for an affordable dessert to share your love with your partner without sacrificing price. This cake doesn’t just taste good, it looks beautiful too.

Courtesy: Instagram

The chocolate cake is a party table centerpiece, filled with a chocolate mousse and topped with a cute heart. The rose stem decoration is enough for us to wonder why the rich chocolate costs only $4.

Gummy Xs and Os

If you love the Scandinavian Swimmers, you’ll love these X and O gummies. In shades of pink and white, these X and O-shaped gummies are a perfect Valentine’s Day snack.

Courtesy: Mrs Trader Joe’s

These gummies are a sure bet for those who love Valentine-themed snacks that aren’t heart-shaped. The X and O candies represent Valentine’s in a relatively subtle way- they can also serve as a charcuterie board addition for your Valentine’s party.

Valentine Sprinkle

If you’re baking Valentine’s cakes or brownies at home, you’ll want to decorate them with themed sprinkles. So, how do you incorporate the love vibe into every detail? Trader Joe’s Valentine Sprinkle!

Courtesy: Instagram

These goody bags feature a variety of heart-shaped sprinkle sizes and colors- there are pink, white, and red. All you have to do is embellish your cupcakes and cookies with these sprinkles.

Jelly Bean Hearts

Is there anyone who doesn’t love jelly beans? These heart-shaped jelly beans are a perfect combination of a traditional candy and a unique treat- their shape screams ‘Valentine’s,’ and everyone knows how good they taste.

Courtesy: Instagram

These jelly bean hearts cost 99 cents only, so you can have more than enough to go around if you’re planning a Valentine’s Day party with your best friends. They are available in flavors like strawberry, cherry, and coconut.

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