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Whether Seeing Barbie or Oppenheimer, Here Are The Best Snacks Worth Sneaking Into The Movie Theater

Aside from seeing the movie, we all know snacks are a main part of going to the theater. The money you spend on popcorn at the theater, especially when you’re going in a group, can quickly add up. Well, with these delicious snack options, you don’t have to spend a dime at the theater. Here are five snacks worth sneaking in your bag.

Churro popcorn

The best movie theater snack? We’ll still give it to popcorn. But this churro popcorn is far better than what’d you’d buy at the theater. As the name suggests, this snack combines two movie theater concession stand favorites.

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This is not your regular overpriced buttered popcorn. To make churro popcorn, simply coat the popcorn in cinnamon, then douse it in a sugar, making it extra sweet. This treat is addictive and perfect to hide in a Ziploc bag.


As popular as they are, Butterfingers are another delicious treat most people don’t think of taking to the movie theater. Butterfingers are super easy to sneak in, plus they are sweet, and chewing them is noiseless.

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If you don’t already have your fridge stocked up with Butterfingers, you can always buy from the nearest store, which is cheaper than buying it at the theater. Alternatively, you can check out the different recipes online to make them yourself with peanut butter and candy corn. 

Chocolate with cinnamon bears

One reason chocolate and candy lovers stick to snacks like popcorn is fresh breath. Especially if the movie you’re going to see isn’t some comedy that’ll keep you talking and laughing, popcorn is a true safe spot. Well, this snack checks that box too.

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Chocolate with cinnamon bears gives you the sweetness of chocolate without the fear of bad breath after a while. Spicy with a coolness of chocolate, these gummy bears will keep your breath fresh while enjoying your favorite movie- the perfect combo!

Pretzel chip caramel popcorn

This popcorn variant is perfect for people who enjoy the fusion of salty and sweet snacks. Don’t let the name discourage you; it’s a simple snack with a great sweet-salty taste that’ll leave you wanting more. Besides, it requires no baking.

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The recipe simply requires you to cook up the popcorn and make a sticky caramel sauce with sweetened condensed milk and brown sugar. Then, mix in pieces of chocolate-covered potato chips and pretzels. You can pack it in a tin foil layer.

Mexican street corn nachos

Unlike the concession stand nachos that seem like they’ve been out for way too long, these Mexican street corn nachos are delicious. They are nothing like an artificial cheese sauce, either. This snack is different when you’re seeing a Western movie.

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Top your crunchy tortilla chips with corn, cheese, cayenne pepper, and lime to make Mexican street corn nachos. You can also experiment with anything that comes to mind. If you’re a salty snack lover, this is a snack you simply cannot resist.

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