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Which Barbie-Themed Food Have You Tried?

We’re all just Barbie girls living in a Barbie World. Who doesn’t love Barbie? The moment the “Barbie” trailer dropped, collaborations with the beloved princess of pink began popping up everywhere, and we are here for it. Just like BarbieLand, these products are pink and very aesthetically pleasing to those who are totally Barbie-obsessed. These Barbie food collabs taste as good as they look.

Pinkberry Swirl

Everyone’s favorite frozen yogurt chain, Pinkberry, recently declared their new flavor: Barbie Land Berry Pink. This collaboration gives you two favorites in one cup– Barbie and Pinkberry yogurt. Although we don’t know how long this flavor will be available, we’ll enjoy it while it lasts.

Courtesy: Pinkberry

This new pink flavor is a smooth combination of dragon fruit and strawberry. The official Barbie topping for this new frozen yogurt treat is Dream Sprinkles, a synergy of pink jimmies, little white stars, and silver glitter. It’s an unforgettable swirl!

Barbie X Swoon

Swoon, the zero-sugar drink brand, released a lemonade collaboration with Barbie. It’s one of the most highly advertised partnerships so far. The company created a limited-edition lemonade, a Barbie x Swoon-themed refrigerator, and a baby cooler. 

Courtesy: Tasteswoon

This partnership also gives back, with 10% of net sales from the collab going toward the Barbie Dream Gap Project, an initiative to encourage young girls to keep dreaming and empower them to know that they can achieve anything they set their minds to.

Coldstone Barbie cakes

Cold Stone Creamery has partnered with Warner Bros. Pictures and Mattel to introduce a new Barbie-inspired flavor of ice cream. It is available in stores and online until August 8th. This Pink Cotton Candy Barbie-themed dessert comes in two variations.

Courtesy: Pinterest

The All That Glitters is Pink Creation and Best Day Ever are the two variants. The first combines graham cracker crust, pink cotton candy ice cream, and whipped topping. The second offers yellow cake layers, dance party sprinkles, and pink cotton candy.

Nick’s Barbie Ice Cream

Swedish ice cream brand Nick’s recently rebranded their Strawberry White Ice Cream Bar into a Barbie-themed package. This Barbie ice cream is either vanilla or strawberry flavored. Even without rebranding, we can connect the pink color to Barbie.

Courtesy: Stack3d

However, this Barbie-themed goodness is only available in Sweden. We can only hope that the ice cream bar will become available in the United States as the movie premiere gets closer. We’ll all love to try the Barbie ice cream.  

Susiecakes Barbie Cake

This SusieCakes Barbie Cake is every Barbie lover’s dream. This offer isn’t available for shipping, so if you live near a SusieCakes shop (California or Texas), you can treat yourself to a gorgeous Barbie Cake. There are different variants for you to choose from.

Courtesy: Pinterest

You’ll select which version of Barbie you want and what flavor you prefer– vanilla, vanilla confetti, chocolate, or red velvet. You must also pick the buttercream color you want on the outside and how dressed up or decorated you want your dream Barbie.

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