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The Word Is Out: Try Out These Tasty Secret Menu Items At These Popular Fast-Food Chains

Doesn’t food just taste better when it’s ordered off of a secret menu? This is a clever marketing strategy for many fast food chains, as it allows customers to feel like they’re part of a super-secret, special club. Over time, these custom orders have spread through word of mouth (and later on, Instagram stories), making people eager to discover new heavenly dishes at their favorite food chains. Here are some of the top-secret menu items we recommend ordering. Remember to keep them on the hush, though!

In-N-Out Burger

If you tell someone that you’ll be traveling to LA, one of the first things they’ll recommend is to stop at In-N-Out. They’ll suggest a juicy burger and try out their Animal Style fries, which are topped with the company’s secret sauce, chopped grilled onions, and a slice of melted cheese.

Image courtesy of RGJ

However, their secret menu is equally as tasty. Did you know that you can order an Animal Style Burger or upgrade your fries to Ultimate Animal Style? You could also ask for your burger patty to be mustard grilled or get a vegetarian-friendly grilled cheese sandwich.

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