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Don’t Have An Electric Mixer? These Mixing Tool Hacks Will Get The Job Done

Having an electric stand mixer makes baking feel elite and easy. But what if you don’t have one? Don’t worry, you don’t have to cancel your mixing and baking plans! The good thing is that different tools you probably already have in the kitchen can help you mix ingredients smoothly. Here are five mixer substitutes, how to use them, and what to use each tool for.


There is hardly any kitchen where you won’t find a spatula, but most people just use this tool as an alternative spoon. Well, it can do much more than stirring soups. However, there is a particular type of spatula that works best for mixing.

Courtesy: Serious Eats

Silicone spatulas are good as they add finesse to the equation. The spatula works best for gently folding in meringue and making angel cake or sheet cake. For best results, use the spatula alongside another tool like a whisk.


Your blender can come in handy when you need to quickly mix wet ingredients for your cake. However, it’s essential to be mindful when going down the blender route when it comes to the texture of your cake.

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The blender is best for making a cheesecake batter. The key is mixing in the melted butter, sugar, and eggs in your blender until the mixture is light in color. Since the blender won’t whip much air into your batter, overmixing should be avoided.

Handheld Whisk

Handheld whisks are one of the most common substitutes for electric mixers. As long as you can keep at it for long enough, a handheld whisk will perfectly mix your ingredients. You can venture into fantasyland while you whisk away!

Courtesy: Kings and Queens  

Whisks work perfectly for whipping eggs or light batters for Genoise sponge or Chiffon cakes. However, thicker batter like cookie dough might be difficult to mix as it might clog the whisk up. Make sure you start slowly before building up your speed.

Wooden spoon

Wooden spoons are just as rugged as they look- and they can handle what a whisk cannot. For instance, if you’re planning on making a carrot cake, you’ll need more than a spatula or a whisk- your wooden spoon is up to the task.

Courtesy: Target

Using a wooden spoon gives you more control as you mix; also, you don’t have to worry about the spoon bending. Furthermore, wooden spoons are good for folding mixtures. They are the best for thick batters.

The good ol’ tool

Of course, people weren’t using all these mixing tools in the olden days. They used their hands to mix, so who says it won’t give you great results? However, using your hands takes a bit more time.

Courtesy: ATK

While a stand mixer might do the job in 10 minutes, it might take 25 minutes using your hands. It’s important not to overflour the dough to compensate for its stickiness, as this often affects the texture in the end. While you can’t use them to mix wet ingredients, the hands are good for kneading dough.

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