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Krispy Kreme X Elf Doughnuts: Our Favorite Things

Inspired by our favorite Christmas movie of all time, “Elf,” Krispy Kreme is offering special doughnuts for the holidays. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the famous movie, the doughnut brand has released a collection of Elf-inspired doughnuts. How long will these doughnuts be available for? What do these fried treats look like? Can you eat them for breakfast with spaghetti and syrup? Read along for all the answers and delicious flavors!

How long will they be available for?

The Elf-inspired doughnuts are a limited edition. This means they won’t be available throughout the year– they are limited-time offers for the holiday period. There are three new flavors in this collab.

Courtesy: Fox Business

The doughnuts have been available in grocery stores and shops since the 24th of November. However, they will only be available for sale until Christmas Eve. So get yours now! As the box says, “The best way to spread Christmas cheer is sharing doughnuts this time of year!” Buddy the elf would highly encourage it.

Buddy Makes Breakfast Doughnut

Just from the name, loyal “Elf” fans can already guess what scene inspired this tasty doughnut. This doughnut was brought about by the scene where Buddy made syrup-coated spaghetti and candy for breakfast.

Courtesy: Krispy Kreme

The glazed doughnut is topped with cake batter spaghetti butter creme, like the fictional breakfast. Krispy Kreme satisfies customers’ sweet teeth with toppings of sprinkles, milk chocolate candies, and a drizzle of maple syrup.

Santa Belly Doughnut

While the other three Elf-inspired doughnuts are new releases, the Santa Belly Doughnut is returning to the company’s holiday menu. The doughnut looks so good that it makes you doubt if it looks that jolly in real life.


Well, we can assure you that it looks as good as the pictures. Filled with Kreme filling and cookies, this doughnut is dipped in icing (red, of course) and adorned with Santa’s belt. We must say it tastes as good as it looks.

Buddy Snow Globe Doughnut

As much as we love red color themes that scream ‘Christmas,’ we also love holiday treats that subtly depict the season’s mood. Interestingly, that’s what makes this Elf-themed doughnut unique.

Courtesy: Wales Online

The Buddy Snow Globe Doughnut is a glazed doughnut dipped in light blue icing and white sprinkles. Then, the doughnut is topped with powdery and sugary snow. The chocolate “Elf” logo on the doughnut makes up for the fact that the doughnut isn’t inspired by a scene.

Christmas Light Doughnut

Speaking of those much-loved holiday treats that undeniably represent Christmas, this doughnut is a sure bet. What we love most about this doughnut is that the decorations (and there are a lot!) are edible.

Courtesy: Krispy Kreme

The Christmas Light Doughnut is dipped in chocolate icing and sprinkled with forest green icing. The doughnut also has rainbow toppings to represent Christmas lights and a chocolate ‘Santa, I Know Him’ piece. What shouts ‘Christmas’ and our favorite “Elf” lines better?

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