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It’s Hard To Believe That Vintage TV Dinners Could Look So Tasty

Can you go a week without popping a frozen dinner in the microwave? Neither did people from the 50s, 60s, and 70s. Back then, American meals were revolutionized by the invention of TV dinners– aluminum trays packaged in a nifty box that offered classic staples and a unique taste of international cuisine. Since we’re all a bit nostalgic for these mouth-watering frozen meals, we’ve decided to list seven retro dinners whose charm can’t be found in modern-day microwave food. Be careful not to drool over your keyboard as you scroll down!

Chun King’s Cantonese dinner (1957)

Chinese restaurants are a favorite dining spot among U.S. citizens these days. In fact, some families dedicate one day of the week to eating this kind of food. But do you know when this curious culinary tradition became all the rage in the country?

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In 1957, Chun King launched its frozen Cantonese-style dinner, an Oriental meal that anyone could pop in their oven and enjoy. Can you see the similarity between this TV dinner and today’s Chinese takeout dishes?

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