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Moving Beyond Pie: These Easy and Creative Sweet Potato Desserts Are Delicious Year-Round

Sweet potatoes are one of the foods we enjoy during the fall season. Ironically, all the deliciousness we get from these potatoes is just a small percentage of what we can get. Most families have different ways of making the same thing: sweet potato pie. Well, we’ve brought you different desserts you can easily make from sweet potatoes. Here are five that aren’t pie, yet are just as delicious and must-tries this season.

Sweet potato pudding

Not all sweet potato desserts have to be crusty pies or complicated to make. This pudding isn’t only easy to make, but it has a smooth, delicious taste. This recipe is like a sister of sweet potato casserole.

Courtesy: Delish

The filling consists of the same things your sweet potato pie would. However, you could use marshmallow fluff or whipped cream for the topping. Whichever option you pick, the creamy, sweet taste will make you keep wanting more. It’s also great because of the individual servings, perfect for Thanksgiving dinner.

Sweet potato cheesecake

You might cringe at the thought of incorporating sweet potatoes in something like a cheesecake. But we assure you, you’ll be glad you tried it; this cheesecake variant is a sure crowd-pleaser, not just in the fall but every season of the year.

Courtesy: Delish

The nutty flavor of sweet potatoes takes your cheesecake from zero to a hundred immediately. It elevates your cheesecake from a regular one to a fall festivity delicacy. You’ll never want to make another sweet potato casserole again!

Sweet potato biscuits

Firstly, sweet potatoes make your dough get fluffier and softer. So you know why sweet potato biscuits are a fluffy dessert for a fall evening. Well, you can even further enhance your potato biscuits.

You’ll make a delicious treat that everyone will praise you for by topping your biscuits with pumpkin butter or apple. All you have to do is incorporate sweet potatoes into your dough.

Sweet potato s’mores 

S’mores are an irreplaceable delicacy that we indulge in during the summer and at campfires. But why not eat them in the fall, too? As we become more conscious of our gluten consumption, we sometimes have to ditch snacks rich in gluten– including our lovely s’mores.

Courtesy: Aimee Broussard

The good thing is that you can now make s’mores with sweet potatoes, effectively replacing the regular Graham crackers. These sweet potato s’mores are more than mere replacements; they are amazingly unique.

Sweet potato brownies

Generally, brownies are known to be self-indulgent; they are hard to resist– you just can’t stop at one. Incorporating sweet potatoes into your brownies just makes the whole snack magical.

Courtesy: Minimalist Baker

We recommend a date caramel frosting for the complete experience that you won’t forget in a long time. While this snack is gluten-free, it’s sweet enough to satisfy your sweet tooth. Also, it is not difficult to make.

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