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These Are Some Of The Delicious Keto-Friendly Dishes That Taco Bell Has To Offer

At first, eating keto sounds like a dream come true. Few things are as magnificent as eating all the cheese, bacon, and guacamole you want, right? However, this fantasy soon falls apart when you realize that this particular meal plan bans you from eating carbs and forces you to give up late-night stops at most fast-food joints. Fortunately, Taco Bell offers multiple keto-friendly choices if you’re willing to nix a few key ingredients. Let’s take a look at our favorite nutritionist-approved options!

Make your own version of the Breakfast Soft Taco with bacon

We’ll start our list by mentioning one of the most delicious dishes at Taco Bell– the Breakfast Soft Taco with bacon. This tasty meal contains only 1g of net carbs and provides you with all the energy you need to start your day. Isn’t it great?

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All you need to turn the Breakfast Soft Taco into a keto-friendly dish is to ditch the taco shell and order it in a bowl or ask to have it wrapped up in a fried egg used for the Naked Egg Taco Bundle. Yummy!

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