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Festive Feasts: This is What Christmas Dinner Looks Like Around The World

It’s traditional to enjoy a dinner consisting of roasted turkey and smoked ham on Christmas Eve in America; it’s something you look forward to when returning to your mom’s house for the holiday. Well, in the same vein, different meals are customary on Christmas Eve in different parts of the world. Some of these exotic festive meals are quite simple, while others are ceremonious. Here are five Christmas dinners from around the world.

Venezuela: Pan de jamón

In Venezuela, Christmas is usually heralded by a hearty serving of pan de jamón. This meal is basically a sweet and savory bread that has been in existence since 1905. Although they sell it in bakeries throughout December, Christmas Eve is when it shines.

Courtesy: Hispanic Kitchen

The long loaf can also be filled with filo pastry and enjoyed with cheese as an accompaniment– although the traditional accompaniment is hallacas, which is boiled corn dough stuffed with meat. Pan de jamón is often filled with green olives, roasted ham, and raisins.

Mexico: Ponche Navideño

Ponche Navideño is a Mexican drink that ushers in the Christmas festivities. Also called Christmas punch, this alcohol-free drink is an alternative to mulled wine. It is served in the week-long celebration before Christmas, Las Posadas.

Courtesy: Imperial sugar

Ponche Navideño is made by boiling apples and other fruits with cinnamon, raw sugar cane, and hibiscus. You could splash in some tequila to give this punch some kind of sting.

Denmark: Julesild

In Denmark, nothing screams ‘Christmas Eve’ louder than Julesild. Although herring is an everyday menu option in Denmark, Julesild is an integration of the regular herring. It also comes with exciting accompaniments on Christmas Eve.

Courtesy: Gjendemsjo 

Julesild consists of a herring that has been pickled and spiced with cloves, sandalwood, and cinnamon. It is commonly enjoyed with Danish rye bread, cured meats, and homemade remoulade.

Poland: Barszcz

Barszcz is an elaborate Christmas Eve dinner enjoyed in Poland. It is one of the twelve dishes served on Christmas Eve, with each representing the twelve months of the year and the twelve apostles. You’ll agree with us that it’s a big deal.

Courtesy: TasteAtlas

It is a beetroot soup made by boiling raw beets in vegetable stock with a dash of garlic. They are usually served with dumplings filled with mushrooms, called uszka. Of course, it’s meat-free.

Finland: Lanttulaatikko

In Finland, Christmas is another time to enjoy hearty meals. Lanttulaatikko is a spiced Swede bake that is as important as the meat it accompanies on a Finnish Christmas Eve. It is also quite easy to make.

To make this swede bake, you have to boil and mash it, then combine it with double cream, treacle, breadcrumbs, and nutmeg before baking. Lanttulaatikko always goes with smoked fish, roast ham, and pickled beetroot salad.

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