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Dunkin’ Springs Into Action: Discover the Churro-Flavored Offerings to Splurge on This Season

It’s not yet spring, but that hasn’t stopped Dunkin’ from tantalizing us with several spring-themed offers. Amazing offers have been added to the chain’s menu from February 21, from energizing iced beverages to exciting bakery treats. With churro flavors being at the forefront, these spring additions taste as good as they sound. Here are five top picks to try.

Churro Signature Latte

As the name already suggests, the latte ushers you into the warmth and goodness of spring with churro flavors. The seasonal drink draws you in with its light, creamy color.

Courtesy: DUNKIN’

The signature latte is a tasty combination of churro flavors and espresso. It features a dollop of whipped cream, a dusting of cinnamon sugar, and caramel. Available hot or iced, it tastes like a cinnamon dessert in a cup.

Churro Donut

There are only a few things that taste better than Dunkin’ Donuts, but this seasonal donut takes the standard up a notch. It’s the perfect sweet treat to match the seasonal beverage offerings.

Courtesy: DUNKIN’

What we love most about this confection is that it is crunchy on the outside but soft on the inside. Lathered in cinnamon sugar and shaped in a delicate swirl, this churro doughnut is the ultimate sweet snack.

Cinnamon Vanilla Coffee

If you’re the type that doesn’t fancy churro flavors, this drink is a good choice. It’s a more toned-down version of the Churro Signature Latte as it only features a hint of churro flavor- it’s more about the vanilla.


As you may have guessed, the vanilla coffee features notes of vanilla and churro flavors, Dunkin’s original coffee and cream. Served hot or iced, the coffee is tasty and creamy. You will be obsessed. 

SPARKD’ Energy Peach Sunshine

You’ll agree that Dunkin’ is one of the top chains Americans rely on to energize them to start each day’s adventures. This drink is another way the brand helps people power through their day.

Courtesy: DUNKIN’

The SPARKD’ energy peach sunshine features brilliant peach and lychee flavors. The drink is to give a unique energy taste; in other words, it doesn’t taste anything like your regular energy drink. The fruity flavors also enhance the drink’s taste.

SPARKD’ Energy Berry Burst

This energy drink is the second variant of the chain’s new iced drinks. The introduction of both drinks by Dunkin’ is a fresh take on the idea of energy drinks. So, what is the berry blast flavor like?

Courtesy: DUNKIN’

The SPARKD’ Energy Berry Burst incorporates strawberry and raspberry flavors. Made with minerals, a kick of caffeine, and vitamins, the energy drink is another unique offer for Dunkin’ fans to enjoy this spring.

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