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Indian Delight 101: Which Of These Indian Delicacies Have You Tried Before?

Indian food isn’t just about adding yogurt to a dish or slinging spices on a piece of meat– it goes beyond that. Each dish carries with it centuries of tradition and culture. India boasts several delicacies that are uniquely prepared. So, how do you know which Indian food to try when there are so many? Here are five Indian delicacies for beginners to try- you’ll be glad you did.


Pakoras are one of the amazing delicacies that are associated with Indian cuisine. Pakoras are the perfect appetizer to kick off any meal and enjoy during a night out with friends. 

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You could get the vegetarian version of the traditional Indian snack by adding onions to the chickpea batter. Pakoras are made by deep frying chickpea batter with aromatic spices, then served with condiments like chutney.

Chana Masala

Chana masala is a staple in Indian cuisine. Chana means chickpeas in Hindi, and masala implies a spice blend. This chickpea stew is flavorful and makes an excellent side dish or vegetarian meal. 

Chickpeas are prepared in a spicy onion, ginger, and garlic-based sauce with garam masala added to it. Combining these three ingredients gives chana masala its typical North Indian taste.


Biryani is a very popular Indian rice dish rooted in the Mughal empire in India. Biryani is a rice dish prepared with several layers of rice, some kind of spiced meat, paneer, or vegetables, and some added richness with ghee or yogurt.

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Biryani is slow-cooked to perfection until the flavors have melted together and the aromatic spices permeate through every grain. That’s why you can feel every one of the spices in each bite.


When Portuguese people came to India, they brought their own culture and food with them. Vindaloo is a specialty of Goa, India. A spicy dish with a distinct flavor and aroma, it is traditionally made with pork marinated in wine vinegar and garlic. 

The Portuguese introduced the taste of vinegar to Indian cooking, and this developed over time into what is now known as Vindaloo. A combination of Indian and Portuguese cooking, what could ever go wrong?

Tikka masala

Tikka is the Hindi term for ‘small chunks.’ Chicken tikka masala, which comprises small chunks of chicken with a blended spice, is a spicy dish that’s hard to resist. 

Tikka masala sauce is mainly tomato-based, with some richness added by cream or thick yogurt. The freshness of the herbs and spices used to create it adds an additional dimension of flavor.

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