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These Halloween-Themed Cookbooks Are A Must for Spooky Meals 

Halloween is right around the corner, and as ardent Halloween lovers, it’s important to keep up the tradition. Aside from the costumes and decor, Halloween-inspired meals are another way to express your spookiness this season. We’ve compiled five spell-bounding cookbooks that will keep your family and guests howling for more.  

A Sanderson-sister-inspired Cookbook

If you love the 1996 villainous comedy trio movie, then you will love this 160-page hardcover cookbook. It contains over 50 dishes inspired by the Disney movie, allowing you to make wickedly beautiful desserts and appetizers. 

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Among the many dishes, our fave is the Witch’s Broom Donuts, which feature creamy doughnuts carefully designed with witches’ brooms. The Ring of Salts Pretzels is another close contender, as it goes well with hummus and mustard dip. 

A Tim-Burton-inspired Cookbook

This cookbook is a haven for amazing recipes inspired by Tim Burton’s iconic movie, “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” Alongside the recipes, it also provides ideas for parties as you can plan your own “Zero the Dog Summer BBQ Party” and “This is Halloween” Party.

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We love the easy-to-make Mummy Tartlets in this cookbook. It is a crisp pastry enveloped with roasted butternut squash, creamy goat cheese, and, of course, salty olives. When baked, the tartlets are similar to mummified heads, hence their name, mummy tartlets. 

The Boo-Tastic Cookbook

This 85-page Halloween cookbook is a must-have for every family. With ghastly appetizers and spooky sweets, the cookbook has something for everybody, regardless of your pickiness. The photos, alongside the detailed description, make it perfect for beginners.

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The Zombie Brain Tacos stood out among other recipes for many reasons. It takes little time, and the ingredients are readily available. We recommend stepping this tasty meal down with Ghostly Elixir or Swamp Water Smoothies. 

This Is The Perfect Halloween Cakebook

If you are looking to take a break from pumpkin pie to something sweet, the Cake Pops Halloween Cookbook is a must-have. Compiled by New York Best-selling author and cake pop creator Bakerella, the cookbook features twenty different cake pops you can make.

Courtesy: Bakerella

It comprises various designs alongside her classic cake recipes, such as the black cat cake pops. You also get access to tricks and tips that make baking much easier and printable templates to make gifts and garlands for your parties. 

Steal This Witch Recipe And Taste The Power of Magic

“The Witch’s Cookbook” is another Halloween cookbook for short and quick meals. Each recipe is a witchcraft-themed cake that requires traditional ingredients plus a little bit of spells and magic. The cookbook contains 50 food spells, allowing you to bake as much as you want.

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From Toadstool Toppers to Typhon’s Black Serpent Ramen, you can choose any recipe. You must also try out the Love Vitality Potion, an absolute party stopper that will get you hundreds of praises. 

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