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Avoid The After-School Slump With These Healthy And Delicious Snacks

Aside from racking your brain to decide on the best lunch to pack for your kid, after-school is another daily hassle. What if we told you there were different ways to help your kids enjoy after-school snacks without compromising nutrition? We’ve researched and discovered super-easy, healthy, and mouthwatering snacks for you to make for your kids. Here are the top five after-school snack options.

Turkey and avocado toast

Fresh fruit and vegetables are often the best options for kids after school, but sometimes they need something more substantial. Sometimes, they also get tired of fruits and vegetables alone. So why not take things up a notch?

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Turkey and avocado toast is a delicious energy-boosting snack. You also don’t need advanced cooking skills to quickly prepare this. Although not as cheap to buy, you might like to try smoked salmon, cooked chicken, or ham as alternative toppings.

Apple and peanut butter

Another way to spice regular fruits up! Simple but effective, spreading protein-rich peanut butter onto a halved apple is a cheap and easy snack that kids will love. You can buy bakery-fresh bread to make things healthier.

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Alternatively, make homemade peanut butter, or try your favorite almond butter recipe. Depending on your child’s preference, you can easily swap the apple for sliced banana, strawberries, celery, or cucumber. It only takes minutes!

Healthy Rice Krispie Treats

Your kids usually only want to eat sweet treats; you may want to occasionally indulge them a teeny-weeny bit too. This snack helps you do just that, but in a healthier way.

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To make healthy marshmallow cereal treats, you’ll have to swap out some of the higher fat you’ll find in store-bought versions with seeds, fruit, and oats. Although dried fruits are high in sugar, having these once in a while is okay.

Hummus with vegetable sticks

One great way to encourage your kids to eat fruits is to make them into vegetable sticks- there are just about those sticks that make them more appealing to little ones. But combining vegetable sticks with wonderful dips is what makes them irresistible!

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Little ones will love the pepper and walnut hummus combo with vegetable sticks. To make things even easier, you can blitz this all-in-one method for hummus ahead of time, so there’s always some waiting in the fridge when they get home.

Rainbow fruit skewers

Getting your kids involved in the snack-making process is another way to help them eat- they will always want to eat what they prepared. There’s no better way to involve your kids than these rainbow fruit skewers. Arranging fruits in the right color order is fun!

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It might be expensive to get all seven colors, so you should use whatever fruit you have handy. You can even quiz them on the missing colors. If they get bored of rainbows, you can get creative and make fruit faces or animals instead.

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