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Calling All Fandoms: Purchase These Cookbooks To Relive Everyone’s Favorite Movies and TV Shows

Has it been more than five years since your go-to show came to an end? Is there a classic movie you could watch over a hundred times and still never get tired of? When nostalgia kicks in, there’s something you can do to reminisce about your favorite characters– cook! Today, you’ll discover seven film and TV show-themed cookbooks that will make you remember (and savor) their best episodes, iconic catchphrases, and theme songs. FIY: you can buy them all online.

“Back to the Future”

We all know this classic, right? When this sci-fi film came out in 1985, we were all dying to meet the youngest versions of our parents and make them fall in love. In the sequel, we wished we owned Marty’s futuristic shoes.

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This book features 65 recipes from the different time periods shown in the three BTTF movies. Why don’t you jump inside the DeLorean and taste the frontier bites of 1885 and diner food of 1955? We know we are dying to try them all!

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