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Forget About The Avocado Toast, Here Are Some Truly Creative Ways To Eat Avocados!

Do you feel like there are not enough ways to eat avocados? Sure, you know how to prepare guacamole, but what else can you do with this versatile fruit? Fear not, fellow avocado enthusiasts, because we have got you covered with some unique and delicious recipes that will take your avocado game to the next level. Not only are they deliciously creamy and satisfying, but avocados are also packed with healthy fats, fiber, and nutrients. So, if you are tired of the same old avocado toast, here are some new meals to try out!

Avocado Pesto Pasta

If you are a fan of pesto but want to try a new twist on it, this recipe is perfect for you. Avocado pesto pasta is a simple yet delicious recipe that is perfect for a quick and easy weeknight meal.

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To make the pesto, scoop the flesh of two ripe avocados into a food processor or blender. Add a handful of basil leaves, a clove of garlic, some lemon juice, and pine nuts. Season to taste, and blend until smooth.

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