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Get Your Stomach on Trend: These Food and Drink Trends Will Be the Highlight of 2024

Gone are those days when kids get really picky and never want to try new delicacies. Over recent years, different food trends have made it enticing to experiment with different food and drink ingredients. In 2023, food trends like ‘girl dinner’ and feta fried eggs ruled supreme. Well, their reign is over now. In 2024, more creative and wellness-based trends are taking center stage. Here are five of them.

Snacks for dinner

It won’t be wrong to call this food trend an offshoot of the 2023 “Girl Dinner” trend that became popular on TikTok. The snacks for dinner trend is based on the same sense of customization.

Courtesy: Devour Dinner

This trend features a healthy char-fruit-erie board with mangos and dried apricots instead of the regular charcuterie board, which features cheese and deli meats. The snacks for dinner trend is also a way of using up leftovers and avoiding waste.

Spicy condiments

The ingredients of a dish always determine how it looks, smells, and tastes, and that’s why altering your condiments changes everything. In 2024, people will begin to move towards pepper-infused spirits and African-inspired chili oils.

Courtesy: Shopify

The sense behind this trend isn’t just the heat itself; it’s more about the depth that these fiery condiments can bring to a meal or drink. Well, spicy condiments always deliver when it comes to flavor- so we expect this trend to last for a while.

Nonalcoholic spirits and wine

It’s not news that more people are making more healthy decisions when it comes to their food and drinks; reducing their alcohol intake is one sure way to do that. That’s why we can easily predict that this trend of nonalcoholic wines will be widely accepted.

Courtesy: Freepik

The whole concept is bombarding liquor store shelves with spirit-inspired blends, canned non-alcoholic wines, seltzers, and spritzes. These drinks will give people a harmony of flavors as they dine.

Plant-based cuisine

The environmental concerns of livestock farming and the general public desire to consume more plants brought on the need for this trend in 2024. Well, the interesting thing is that there are now creative ways to eat plant-based food.

Courtesy: Freepik

Mushrooms are now being used to replace meat, while seaweed and other starch types are used to replace fish on restaurants’ menus. Stem veggies like okra, green beans, and corn will also become more popular.

Unique pasta shapes

There are different pasta forms available for every type of person, from cavatto to couscous. But has this ever stopped pasta companies from getting more creative? This year, a new pasta shape is taking the world by storm.

Courtesy: La Tua Pasta

We’re talking about creste di gallo, which literally means rooster’s crest. The folds and edges of the pasta hold the sauce well, making it a well-loved pasta form. Furthermore, it’ll be fun for kids to eat.

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