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Entering the Sweet World of Candy Salad: Discover How to Jump on the Aesthetic Snack Trend

From Instagram to TikTok, the Candy Salad trend is all over social media, and just like every other food trend, everyone is eager to try it out. From the name, you already know candy is a prominent feature. While the classic version consists of fruit-flavored gummy candies, many fun variations exist, like Valentine’s Day-themed and chocolate jars. This article is about all there is to know about the viral candy salad.

Why is candy salad so popular?

Have you experienced a situation where you got Reese’s pieces, but you also wanted the Sour Patch Kids that your friend got? That relatable situation of wanting more than one candy type makes the trend a hit.

Courtesy: Tiktok

Candy salad is a way of mixing and matching different sweet treats according to your preference and, of course, craving. The candy salad trend is all about customizing your preferences in a single serving– or a large portion to enjoy with friends.

What is the classic recipe?

Although there are many variations of candy salad on TikTok, the classic version still reigns supreme. It’s simply a colorful combo of candy, mainly gummies and sours. All you have to do is mix the ingredients.

The ingredients required for the classic candy salad are gummy bears, Sour Patch Kids watermelons, sour streamers, magic sticks, Nerds gummy clusters, gummy worms, sour crawlers, and sour punch straws.

Sweet or sour?

The bottom line, when it comes to making candy salad, is your preference. If you prefer a sour mix, you could combine ingredients like sour gummy strips, sour gummy worms, and warheads.

On the other hand, if you prefer a sweet candy salad mix, you could put together ingredients like peach rings, gummy bears, and nerd gummy clusters. You could also make a chocolate mix with mini Reese’s cups and M&M’s.

Proportions are key

If you’ve seen videos or pictures of candy salads online, you must have noticed the uniformity that makes the snack more appealing and mouthwatering. How do you achieve this?

Courtesy: Gluesticks Blog

To get the uniform-looking candy salad, it’s important to make every candy the same size. This implies cutting strips and strings into smaller sizes to make them ‘rhyme’ with the other types of candy.

How to store candy salad

Especially if you made a large batch to entertain your friends, your candy salad might not eaten at once. So, how do you keep the colorful salad fresh without hardening?

Courtesy: Tiktok

You can simply store the candy salad in an airtight container to prevent the gummies from drying out. It’s also important to avoid leaving your candy salad in the sun so the gummy candies don’t get sticky.

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