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What Makes Mexican Coca-Cola Different From American Coke? Or Is the Difference Just in Our Minds?

While regular Coke consumers drink without noting any difference between the canned and bottled options, soda enthusiasts can’t be fooled. Most of them believe that Mexican Coke doesn’t taste like American Coke. The interesting part is that there might actually be some evidence to back this up. Here is everything soda connoisseurs need to know.

Starting with the source

Both American Coke and Mexican Coke, coke that is hecho en México (made in Mexico) bear the same name since the same company makes them.

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Every type of Coke is manufactured by the international company Coca-Cola. This means that if there are any differences, it’s not an issue of different sources.

Packaging can’t be overlooked

A major difference between American Coke and Mexican Coke is how they are packaged. While American Coke comes in either an aluminum can or a squat plastic bottle, Mexican Coke comes in a tall, slim glass bottle. 

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This might cause a difference in taste. Glass does not affect the taste of drinks, so the fresh flavor can be maintained for a long time. However, plastic and metal affect the taste of soda after a while. So that’s probably why Mexican Coke seems to be more bubbly.

Navigating the formulas

The formulation of Coca-Cola drinks varies from country to country, causing slight differences in taste. Mexican Coke and American Coke are made with the same ingredients, but Mexican Coke contains cane sugar while the American version contains high-fructose corn syrup.

Courtesy: American fizz

Although these two sweeteners are similar, cane sugar is slightly less processed than high-fructose corn syrup. This seemingly minute factor might be another reason for the difference in taste- although some argue that it’s not noticeable.

Getting down to the taste

The Coca-Cola fans who insist on a difference between Mexican and American Coke are definitely not referring to the packaging- they are all about the taste.

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Many claim that Mexican Coca-Cola has a cleaner, more natural taste than its American counterpart. American Coca-Cola is said to have a more chemical-y taste, and people also say it is less effervescent than Mexican Coca-Cola.

Is Mexican Coke commonly available in America?

Gone are those days when Mexican Coke could only be found in some bodegas or stores in areas with lots of Mexican Americans. Today, Mexican Coke can be found practically everywhere, even in some Costco stores.

Courtesy: Coca-Cola United

While there is a plethora of American Coke flavors, its Mexican counterpart doesn’t have such options. This means Americans have much more variants to choose from compared to Mexicans.

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