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You Won’t Believe these Structures Are Gingerbread Houses

We’re getting closer to that time of the year when we showcase our creativity by making beautiful and realistic houses with gingerbread dough and other edible ingredients. Different gingerbread house designs have become regular– we’ve been seeing these structures for years. However, this article is dedicated to those gingerbread houses that are mindblowing and just too good to be eaten.

Mid-Century Modern House

Most of the best gingerbread houses are those that feature an unconventional, out-of-the-box design. This colorful mid-century modern house is one of such innovative creations that food stylist Judy Kim made in 2020.

Courtesy: Pinterest

This house was made with cardamom cookie dough instead of the typical gingerbread dough. We love that this gingerbread house features practical architectural styles, with multicolored candies serving as abstract stones. Now, why should we eat this?

Extra dough that makes a big difference

There is practically no end to the different ways you can design your gingerbread house. However, there are small additions you can make that set your gingerbread bread apart from the regular designs and structures.

Courtesy: Instagram 

This beautiful gingerbread house features an extra something- a star cookie, which serves as a kind of chimney. The snow(obviously made of edible ingredients) also adds to the Christmas charm of the house, all the more reason for us to avoid collapsing the house.

An easier and more beautiful approach

Gingerbread houses usually involve some designs generally achieved using the same procedures; one such design is the window. However, this house features a different approach- and the result is amazing.

Courtesy: Elanne Boake

The usual procedure for making gingerbread house windows is boiling sugar and water. Well, this person melted different colored candies to make stained glass windows instead. If only this house could be lived in.

A very realistic masterpiece

While many gingerbread houses look realistic, some are excellent for being uncommon- you can easily forget they are small houses that fit on a small table. This gingerbread masterpiece has one of such uncommon themes.

Courtesy: How To Cook That

The house is a rusty building that looks as real as it gets. The white artistic trim was made with fondant that has been rolled out. With the intricately crafted brickwork, whoever built this gingerbread house must be an artist.

A tree house like none other

You’ve probably seen a gingerbread tree house before, but this tree house is one of the most detailed ones you’d ever see. The 9-year-old builder of this tree house was second place in the youth division of The National Gingerbread House Competition & Display.

The fairies were made with gum paste, and the drawings on their faces were made with edible ink. As for the realistically textured wood, it was made with chocolate fondant. From the mushrooms to the pretty small windows, this house is just too good to touch.

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