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What’s So Unique About Swedish Candy? Here’s Why These Sweets Are Worth the Hype

Recently, Swedish candies have been trending on TikTok; creators from NYC are going viral for reviewing skull-shaped and banana-flavored sour gummies from shops like BonBon. Considering that countless American candies are available to people, one would wonder why Swedish candies are getting so much hype on social media. Here is everything you need to know about the Swedish candy craze.

How did the trend start?

Just like every other snack trend, the Swedish candy trend started with a TikTok influencer making a video about the candies. After all the hype, people decided to try the candies out themselves.

Courtesy: The New York Times

These creators get their Swedish candies from BonBon NYC, a pick-and-mix candy store. Located on the Lower East Side and Upper East Side of Manhattan, the store is owned by Swedish immigrants who satisfy customers with a myriad of Swedish candy options.

Do they taste that good?

Countless TikTokkers have reviewed the sours, gummies, chocolates, and licorice. However, some reviews reign supreme. A TikTok user, Victoria.marano, said she had tasted several candies from the store, and she liked all of them.

Courtesy: BonBon

She mentioned that there was one piece that could send shivers up one’s spine. Another user, kayleighskloset, recommended the sweet and sour candies, saying one would get obsessed.

Do the Swedes love candies that much?

Swedish delicacies are known to be super-healthy; these guys eat fresh summer berries and crispbread! That’s why it’s hard to think that the Swedes would be so into this sugary treat, but the truth is, they do!

Courtesy: Atlas Obscura

Sweden consumes more candy than any other country in the world. They celebrate the end of the working week with fredagsmys (meaning ‘cozy Friday’), during which they enjoy sweets and soda in front of the TV. Candy is in the Swedes’ childhood DNA.

How does Swedish candy differ?

The major difference between American candy and Swedish candy is in the ingredients they’re made from. That’s why they have different textures and also taste differently.

Courtesy: Scandification

Most Swedish candies have no high-fructose corn syrup, are vegan, gelatin-free, and are gluten-free. Swedish candies are more tender and have a more fruit-like taste. For example, Swedish Fish in North America feels tougher compared to the original Swedish Fish, which feels softer.

Where to get Swedish candy from

BonBon NYC is the most popular store right now to get Swedish candy from; the store has a wall of colorful types to choose from. However, going to Manhattan for $30 worth of Swedish candy might be impractical and impossible.

Courtesy: Instagram

The good thing is that the company can deliver if you order online. There are also places in California like Sockerbit to shop from, or you can shop online at,, and

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