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Not All Costco Products Are Worth It: Here Are Eight Items That No One Should Buy

Who doesn’t love to go on shopping sprees at Costco? This warehouse store is one of those places where you really don’t know what you need until you start pushing your cart through the aisles and filling it with all the cheap products you see. However, you shouldn’t give in to every retail urge, as some deals aren’t as good as they seem. To help you control your impulsive purchasing decisions, we’ve prepared a list of eight things you should avoid buying at Costco. Read it now, and thank us later!

Over-the-counter medication

Do you go to Costco regularly to save money on prescriptions? You might want to rethink that decision. While this retail store’s deals may seem appealing, you must consider a thing or two before purchasing over-the-counter meds.

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Before adding those blister packs of huge bottles filled with vitamins, stop and ask yourself, “Will I use all of them soon?” If the answer is no, chances are that the pills will reach their expiration date before you consume them all.

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