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Upgrade The Drink of the Season: Creative Ways To Make Your Hot Chocolate Hotter

Since the time of the Mesoamericans, who are credited with discovering the mind-blowing creation of hot chocolate, the beverage has become a cold-weather favorite. However, did you know there are other ways to enjoy hot cocoa besides milk and marshmallows? You can take your hot chocolate game up a notch (or several notches!) by incorporating different additions. Whether you have a sweet tooth or you like an Italian touch, here are five ways to enhance your hot chocolate drink.

Flavored Marshmallows

One of the most common ways people enhance their hot chocolate is by topping it with sweet marshmallows. Instead of the traditional mini marshmallows, opt for flavored ones. Trust us, there are many flavors to try.

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We particularly love the strawberry ones, especially when you’re using a strawberry sauce drizzle. Other flavors include peppermint, vanilla, pumpkin spice, etc. If you’re vegan, you could get Dandies marshmallows.

Give Hot Cocoa A Caffeine Boost

Hot chocolate is probably not the drink you want to grab before a long study session. But what if you could incorporate some extra caffeine without sacrificing the taste of your favorite winter drink? You can have the best of both drinks by adding espresso!

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The strong espresso flavor combined with hot chocolate makes you feel like you’re indulging in a mocha latte. All you have to do is add an espresso shot to your steaming cocoa mix and serve with whipped cream.

Add Color

Whether you add less or more milk, your hot chocolate will still be a shade of brown. Well, you could change the taste and also get a more exciting color in your mug. Here’s to satisfying your red velvet cake cravings!

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To make red velvet hot chocolate, use white chocolate chips instead of regular dark chocolate. Then add a splash of heavy cream, 2 ounces of cream cheese, and 3-4 drops of red food coloring. Then serve and enjoy!

Add a Touch of Italian Sweetness

If you’d like a hint of mint in your hot drink, this upgrade is for you. Instead of the common chocolate, you could try this Italian affogato style– without the espresso.

Courtesy: Baking A Moment

To make this mint chocolate affogato, scoop some mint chocolate chip ice cream in a small bowl and pour your chocolate over it to ‘drown’ it. Then, top it with whipped cream for the perfect finish.

Make an Adult Hot Cocoa

Although hot chocolate warms you up from the inside, it could be warmer when you incorporate booze. The amazing taste of this combination proves to us that alcohol makes almost everything better.

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Simply add your preferred whiskey, rum, or creme liquor to your mug of hot chocolate. While hot cocoa is a drink reminiscent of our childhood, you can give it an adult upgrade with this twist.

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