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Get Ready To Hear How Much Of A Great Gifter You Are With These Food Subscription Boxes

There’s nothing better than a subscription to one’s favorite food. Maybe that’s fancy cheese, or it’s charcuterie. Aside from personal consumption, you can get these curated food boxes as gifts for others. They are perfect for every person on your list, including meal kits (great for new parents or recent grads) and crates of peak-season fruit. We’ve done the legwork and compiled the best food subscription services.

Is chocolate your favorite? Contact Raaka

Brooklyn-based Raaka Chocolate indulges chocolate lovers. Each month, a box of three bars will arrive on your doorstep, including one from its current collection and two from the most recent, new micro-batches that all work together in a unique theme. 


Popular flavors include Tahini Swirl and Mango Lassi. You’ll get three 1.8-ounce chocolate bars and tasting notes from Raaka’s head chocolate maker, Nate Hodge. For $186, you can subscribe for six months. You could also subscribe for three months or a year.

Do Japanese snacks sound good to you? Try Bokksu Japanese Snack Box

With items like dark chocolate Kit Kats infused with matcha to doughy sweet potato vegetable bread to a popular snack mix of peanuts and crescent-shaped senbei, it’ll wow the mind and taste buds. Japanese makers make these snacks.


6-month subscriptions are typically about $270. For one month, three months, six months, or one year, each box includes 20-22 snacks, candies, and tea. Shipping is free worldwide- that’s a plus. This box can serve as a perfect gift to friends.

For fruit lovers, the Harry & David Fruit of the Month Club is the surest bet

A Harry & David fruit basket is always welcome; you can gift slightly smaller monthly deliveries to avoid waste. The company has many options to fit your needs, like the Favorite Pear Club or the Citrus of the Month Club.

Courtesy: Harry&David

Choose from three-month, six-month, nine-month, or one-year subscriptions of either a single type of fruit or a fruit medley. For $210, you get a 6-month subscription. Also, you can customize your fruit box according to your preference or the recipient’s choice.

Do you love meat? Butcher Box is the best for you

Butcher Box offers premium-cut meat of different types. Each monthly delivery contains 8.5–11 pounds of antibiotic-free meat, which you can customize depending on dietary restrictions. Butcher Box offers free-range chicken, grass-fed beef, and crate-free pork among its mixed packages.

Courtesy: ButcherBox

You’ll get a selection of frozen premium-cut meats at a custom delivery frequency. The box costs $139- delivery frequency is to be chosen by you. If you’re on a Keto diet, Butcher Box is here to satisfy you however you want your meat.

Pasta lovers? Try Sfoglini Pasta

This New York City-based company makes 100% organic pasta using a rotating cast of local ingredients and spices from neighboring gardens, breweries, farmers, and flour mills. It includes out-of-the-box, unconventional shapes and flavors of pasta that will please every pasta lover.

Courtesy: Sfoglini Pasta

For three months or six months, each shipment includes two 16-ounce boxes of pasta (one seasonal, one signature) and recipe cards. For $136, you get a 6-month subscription. With Sfoglini Pasta, you can enjoy home-cooked pasta instead of average takeouts.

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