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We Almost Can’t Believe What Our Favorite Spices Look Like Before Being Harvested And Bottled

Are spices the best ingredients ever? Absolutely yes! Most of us have dozens of them in our pantries and resort to them whenever our meals need more flavor. And while we’re used to seeing these condiments inside bottles, the truth is that they look pretty different before making it to the grocery store. To unveil the mysterious appearances of the most used spices worldwide, we’ve compiled pictures showing them in their raw and unprocessed state. Scroll down to discover a new side of condiments that you’ve never seen before!

Can you guess what these green roots are?

If you aren’t a big fan of sushi and other types of Japanese food, you may not know this curious plant by its name. Still, you won’t forget its effect on your sinuses after you’ve eaten it for the first time.

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In case you haven’t figured out what these green sticks are yet, we’ll unveil the mystery for you. What you see here is the underground stem of wasabi, also known as Japanese horseradish, which is finely grated to make hot pastes and powders.

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