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Looking for Chocolate Tourism? The Best Destinations For Chocolate Lovers

Going on a vacation means giving yourself a break and indulging in what you love- and that’s why it’s always a good excuse for treating yourself to some of the best sweets. If chocolate appeals to you, some special locations offer you the best chocolate experience. Visit these places with your partner for the sweetest vacation!

Tuscany, Italy

While Tuscany is known for its fine wine selections, it’s also a good location for chocolate lovers, being home to the famous Chocolate Valley. The city has small chocolate factories that offer different unique-tasting chocolate.

Courtesy: The Florentine 

You could head over to Vestri for the famous Sicilian orange gelato and the legendary dark chocolate. If you’re visiting within the first two weeks of February, you can enjoy the handmade chocolate fair at Slitti and Amedei.

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona offers exclusive chocolate tourism; the first chocolate-making machine was invented there in 1780. The city has been a popular destination for chocolate lovers since the Spanish brought chocolate back from South America to Europe.

Courtesy: Conde Nast Traveler

The city has a chocolate museum, Museu De La Xocolata, where chocolate lovers can see amazing chocolate sculptures and also learn about cocoa. You could also engage in activities like chocolate painting and tasting.

Hershey, USA

Hershey was initially a model town founded for Hershey’s chocolate factory before it became a city. Recognized as the sweetest place on Earth, it’s a mini heaven for chocolate lovers.

Courtesy: Hershey’s PA

Head over to Hershey’s Chocolate World for a tasting adventure and to create your own candies. If you’re visiting with kids, go to Hershey Park, which features roller coasters and candy-themed rides.

Accra and Tafo, Ghana

If the idea of exploring the history of chocolate while enjoying the taste sounds good to you, then you should head over to Ghana. As one of the biggest producers of cacao beans worldwide, Ghana offers different unforgettable treats.

Courtesy: Freepik

There is a Cocoa Research Institute in Tafo, which features a golf course, model farms, and a bar. You could also learn about the first plant at Quarshie’s farm close to Accra. Of course, you can delight yourself with different chocolate snacks all around Ghana.

Brussels, Belgium

This list of chocolate tourism locations wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Brussels. Called the chocolate capital of the world, the capital city of Belgium offers more than enough for you to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Courtesy: Traverse

The number of chocolate shops in Brussels is more than any other place in the world. You could also take a guided tour of the Musée du Cacao et du Chocolat(Museum of Cocoa and Chocolate) to learn about the development of chocolate.

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