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Prepare To Travel The World By Discovering These Original Brunch Traditions

It’s Sunday morning, you wake up at 11 AM and don’t feel like eating cereal or a filling, hearty meal. Therefore, you prepare yourself a stack of pancakes and avocado toast and squeeze some oranges for a freshly delicious OJ. But have you ever wondered what a typical Sunday brunch consists of in other nations? From rice cakes with coconut chutney to pork-filled dumplings, this is how this heavenly meal is served in five cities around the world.

Barcelona, Spain

If you had to think about Spain, the first things that would spring to mind would probably be the towering Sagrada Familia church, the stunning, crystal-clear sea, and the centuries-old bullfights. Still, you’d be missing one of the most important aspects of Spanish life– tapas!

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You can think of tapas as small-sized plates typically served alongside beer or wine. The most popular ones are tortilla (egg and potato cake), patatas bravas (baked potatoes with a spicy sauce), and pan con tomate (bread topped with tomato and garlic, and drizzled with olive oil).

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