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“Draw a T-Rex On The Inside Of The Box”: These Unique and Hilarious Uber Eats Orders Left Chefs Speechless

Imagine that you’re a restaurant chef. It’s Saturday night, and you’ve been working for six hours in front of burning-hot stoves. Besides serving food for the customers at the establishment, you’re in charge of preparing delivery orders for Uber Eats. Suddenly, one of these orders catches your eye; the client asks you to draw a dinosaur with sunglasses on the delivery box. Believe it or not, this was an actual request featured on the Uber 2022 Cravings Report! Here are some of the quirkiest requests the food delivery platform received last year.

Joey doesn’t share food

Few things are more irritating than when somebody says that they’re not hungry and then proceeds to steal half of your meal once it arrives at the restaurant table or front door. However, this man had other problems to worry about besides forcibly sharing his delicious pizza.

Image courtesy of UberEats

We can totally understand why he asked for a pizza without cheese. His request deserves a spot in the top-three weirdest orders of all time, but we get it. One must always prioritize health over impulse-driven Friday nights full of junk food. We genuinely hope he didn’t end up summoning an exorcist!

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