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Prepare Some Delicious Snacks And Get Ready To Binge-Watch These Five Cooking Shows on Netflix

Not only do cooking shows give us an incredibly pleasing aesthetic experience, but they also inspire us. We might not be as skilled as a Michelin-star chef, but we can put on our aprons, search for an innovative recipe, and try our best. If you’re looking for entertaining and mouth-watering shows in your Netflix catalog, you can start with these five. Here are the best food programs on the red streaming platform that will encourage you to take more risks in the kitchen!

“Chef’s Table” (2015)

If you’re curious about exploring the work of world-famous chefs, this is the right pick for you. In this Emmy-nominated show, you’ll get exclusive access to the kitchens (and creative minds) of international cooking stars who are redefining gourmet food with their mouth-watering creations.

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Chef’s Table consists of six volumes, each of which has approximately five episodes. David Gelb’s show proves that cooking could be considered an art form, as this activity is all about innovation and creativity. Italian food lovers, we advise you to watch Chef’s Table: Pizza.

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