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Sleepy Girl Mocktail: Is It Just Another Fad, or Does It Have Real Effects?

There is always one food trend that takes over TikTok, influencing millions of followers and lifestyle trends. Some people follow these trends because they like diving deeper to see if a food trend is as nutritious as it has been touted. The ‘sleepy girl mocktail’ has everyone’s attention on TikTok– thousands of people are trying out the drink. Wondering if this fad actually puts you to sleep? Find out if it’s worth a try.

Sleepy Girl Mocktail Trend 101

The ‘sleepy girl mocktail’ trend first came to TikTok in 2023. Calee Shea posted the recipe in January, but didn’t go viral until recently. Gracie Norton posted the recipe on TikTok, and it has been making rounds on social media, getting over 1.5 million views.

Courtesy: Tiktok

According to Norton, the sleepy girl mocktail has become a major part of her bedtime routine. Several other TikTokers have also jumped on the trend, discussing how the drink is a dream come true.

How to make this

From the name, you already know the drink is a mocktail of some sort– so, yeah, it involves mixing one or two ingredients. The drink features tart cherry juice and magnesium.

Courtesy: Instagram

To make the viral beverage, you’ll need a tablespoon of magnesium powder, 1⁄2 cup pure tart cherry juice, and sparkling water or prebiotic soda. Calee and Gracie used Olipop for a sweet and bubbly creation.

The benefits

The sleepy girl mocktail is hyped on TikTok for its ability to help people fall asleep. Most of the people who have tried the drink confirmed its effectiveness in enhancing sleep. Does the drink really have that power?

Courtesy: Instagram

The main ingredient in the mocktail, tart cherry juice, is highly concentrated in melatonin, the hormone that makes one feel drowsy at night. Magnesium also helps prepare the body for sleep by enhancing relaxation. So, scientifically speaking, the mocktail can enhance sleep.

Is it safe to drink?

While many people are praising the effectiveness of the beverage, some have mentioned some issues. Some people have complained of symptoms like stomach upset and acid reflux. 

Courtesy: Instagram

The presence of prebiotic soda may cause digestion issues like the ones people are complaining about. It’s recommended to use seltzer water in the recipe instead of prebiotics to avoid any potential issues.

The best way to take the beverage

Dietitians recommend taking the drink with snacks to avoid a rise in your blood sugar level. However, the snacks should be sleep-inducing options like cheese and almonds. Are there any contraindications?

Courtesy: Freepik

People with chronic medical conditions like heart or kidney disease shouldn’t take this viral mocktail. Drinking the sleepy girl mocktail is generally safe as it doesn’t cause sleep disruptions like alcohol.

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