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Vegan Thanksgiving Dinner Doesn’t Have to Be Plain; Entertain Your Guests With These Plant-Based Tasty Recipes

Thanksgiving is one of those festivities that often tempt people to ditch their diets. Those fatty and heavy foods always look so scrumptious that it takes real effort to remember you’re vegetarian or vegan. The good news is that you don’t have to sacrifice mouth-watering delicacies on the altar of being vegan. Here are five vegan Thanksgiving meals the whole family will love.

Vegan Pie Dough

Pies are often seen on the dining table on Thanksgiving- and they are one of those irresistible treats that everyone just wants to taste. You could incorporate some easy substitutions if you’re vegan or your family members are.

Courtesy: NYT Cooking

Instead of butter, you could use extra virgin or unrefined virgin coconut oil. It’s even easier because there are lower chances of it getting too soft while you’re rolling your crust out. Furthermore, the taste is amazing!


Turkey is always the headline when it comes to traditional Thanksgiving dinners. However, there are different vegan roasts that you can use to replace turkey on the dining table.

Tofurky is a plant-based roast that tastes so good that you won’t miss turkey on the table. Even non-vegan families incorporate this tasty turkey roast, so it’s a good place to start if you’ve never tried vegan turkey roasts for Thanksgiving.

Vegan Gravy

We all miss our mom’s special Thanksgiving gravy recipe- and it’s another delicacy we find hard to let go of. Well, this vegan gravy is a mouthwatering replacement that even non-vegans will like to eat.

Courtesy: Nora Cooks

The secret behind the best types of gravy is the stock, you’ll agree. So, for this vegan gravy, the focus is on making a tasty stock with vegetables rich in glutamate. The trick is to char the vegetables and then simmer them down to a savory stock.

Trader Joe’s Vegan Roast

The more people recognize the tasty magic that is vegan roast; the more brands start to produce and increase their prizes. Well, that’s why Trader Joe’s is another brand we recommend; their vegan roast isn’t as pricey.

Courtesy: Trader Joe’s 

We know what you’re thinking; the meaty flavor of this roast will prove to you that affordable doesn’t always mean ‘low-quality.’ Stuffed with celery, wild rice, onions, and cranberries, this vegan roast also comes with its savory gravy.

Vegan Stuffing

One of the issues people often encounter when it comes to vegan stuffings is that they often don’t taste as good as their non-vegan counterparts. Well, we’ve discovered the amazingly flavorful stuffing that vegans would love.

Instead of replacing chicken stock with vegetable stock, we found out that green tea works wonders. It seems out-of-the-box until you feel the earthy taste- then you become addicted to the simple hack!

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