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Meatless Mummies: This Study Revealed That Ancient Egyptians Had Vegetarian Diets

Contrary to popular belief, vegetarianism is not a modern trend; it also had a prominent place in the culinary heritage of ancient Egyptians. When we think about ancient Egypt, images of pharaohs, pyramids, and hieroglyphics come to mind. However, little is known about what these fascinating people ate. A recent study on mummified remains shed light on the eating habits of the ancient Egyptians by examining carbon isotopes in these preserved bodies. Sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie! Want to learn all about the vegetarian diet of pharaohs? Read on.

Vegetarians in Ancient Egypt

Contrary to what you might expect, ancient Egyptians leaned heavily towards vegetarianism. Except for nomadic populations, most sedentary communities thrived on a diet of fruits and vegetables. Forget those meat-heavy meals; these folks embraced the greens! But how do we know this?

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A French research team from the University of Lyon examined the mummified remains of 45 individuals. Unlike previous studies, which primarily analyzed hair, collagen, and proteins, they focused on bones and teeth to cover a more extensive historical period.

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