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S’mores Without A Campfire: These S’mores-Themed Desserts Are The Real Deal

Of course, S’mores and campfires are a match in heaven; the way the marshmallow darkens is enough to make you anticipate the delicious dessert. But you can’t make campfires every day, can you? There are nights when making a campfire seems uncalled for. Well, you can still enjoy your s’mores without going out to make a fire. These five s’mores-themed desserts have got you covered!

Nutella S’mores

Nutella S’mores are an extension of the regular chocolate and marshmallow goodness. Of course, the usual graham cracker will be the base; you only add Nutella filling. The added Nutella layer changes the s’mores game; you can’t miss the taste.

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We advise making these Nutella s’mores in a bar or baking them in ramekins. If you opt for the bar option, leave it to cool off for some time, then cut it. Sweet marshmallow and Nutella– why wouldn’t you try it?

Chocolate S’mores Pudding Cake

You probably expect an explosive dessert from the name- you won’t be disappointed. The chocolate s’mores pudding cake isn’t just a dessert; it is a mouthwatering combination of three desserts. There is nothing ‘regular’ about this delightful hodgepodge. How do you make it?

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Making the dessert is super easy. Add your chocolate poke cake with a touch of chocolate pudding on your graham cracker base. Also, don’t forget the marshmallow fluff layer. With the chocolate pudding serving as lashings, you’re in for a tasty dessert!

S’mores French Toast

This s’mores variety is crunchy and chewy– it’ll keep you hooked once you try it. The introduction to French toast is what makes this dessert one-of-a-kind. Aside from the toast, it still involves your regular s’mores ingredients: graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallow fluff.

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All you have to do is to crush the graham crackers and apply them as a coat over the French toast. Top it with your marshmallow and chocolate, then dig in. You wouldn’t mind the extra step because the taste will blow your mind.

Peanut Butter Cup Stuffed S’mores Brownies

This variant is another of those dessert combinations that you have to taste to believe. If you have a sweet tooth, the peanut butter cup stuffed s’mores brownies might be your new dessert addiction. The recipe is easier than we initially expected.

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Instead of baking your brownie alone, bake it over a crusty graham cracker. The real fun part is adding chunks of chocolate, marshmallow fluff, and peanut butter cups on top. Each ingredient adds its delicious taste, giving you the sweetest treat.

S’mores Cookies

If you love a chewy and moist dessert, these s’mores cookies are a dream come true. To make s’mores cookies, you’ll need your regular cookie ingredients- eggs, flour, butter, etc., and s’mores ingredients- graham crackers, marshmallows, and chopped Hershey’s bars. 

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It’s still a cookie, so make your typical cookie dough. Then, add your chopped graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallow to the dough and mix briefly. Chill the mix for an hour before baking in small balls- let them cool and enjoy!

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