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It’s Not Always About Red Wine: Celebrate Love With These Valentine-Themed Cocktails

Aside from the flowers and candies, drinks play a major role in Valentine’s Day celebrations- whether it’s a party with your Galentines or a private dinner with your loved one. There are many Valentine’s Day cocktails in red, pink, and even chocolate shades to celebrate the mood of love. From blood orange to strawberry flavors, there are many ways to customize classic drinks or make cocktails from scratch. Here are five cocktails to make and enjoy on Valentine’s.

Strawberry Sangria

The Strawberry Sangria screams Valentine’s Day and is the perfect pink cocktail to make for someone sweet in your life. This drink is your best bet if you love sangria and berries.

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The combination of dry rosé and fruit creates a mind-blowing taste you’ll want more of. Serve this drink with a fruit skewer and a splash of sparkling water for the ultimate satisfying flavor.


Americano is one of those drinks that go with almost all kinds of celebrations, especially a sophisticated Valentine’s Day dinner. Aside from the great taste, this drink is easy to make at home.

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You only need club soda, sweet vermouth, and Campari. This drink is a perfect pre-dinner option for those who aren’t so familiar with Campari. To spice things up, top it with an orange slice. Cheers to love!

Cherry Sazerac

New Orleans made the Sazerac popular, and it’s a classic for the Mardi Gras celebration. Well, this reddish-orange drink is also a good option for a Valentine’s dinner.

Courtesy: Delish

Although the whiskey and cognac cocktail tastes wonderful, you could add a little maraschino juice for some fruity goodness. The bittersweet taste is one you won’t forget. This drink will make your evening even more memorable.

Black Russian

Did you know the Black Russian came before the famous White Russian? Opposed to its creamy version, this one has an unmistakable, strong coffee flavor. With one or two additions, you can make this simple coffee cocktail a Valentine’s Day special.

Courtesy: Delish

To make it, you need vodka and Kahlua. You could spice things up by adding a Maraschino cherry or an orange slice. Served over ice, this cocktail is the perfect combination of strong flavor and simple taste. It always delivers!

Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Jell-O Shots

If you don’t fancy the classic reds and pinks of Valentine’s Day, this chocolate-covered strawberry is a suitable option. After all, who doesn’t love turning chocolate-covered strawberries into Jell-O shots?

Courtesy: Delish

You can even take this fun drink up a notch by using tequila for the Jell-O shots. Alternatively, you could use vodka instead. The taste will still be fabulous! These are the perfect cocktails for a Galentine’s gathering.

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