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Easy Peasy: Redditors Shared Their Favorite Quick And Simple Food Hacks

Unless you’re a passionate chef, chances are that you stand in front of your fridge at around 6 PM, looking puzzled while you think about what to cook for dinner. Well, you’re not alone in this culinary struggle! Thankfully, the Reddit community has shared their most practical cooking tips and tricks to help you and fellow lazy chefs simplify your lives. With these five useful hacks, you’ll not only save time but also broaden your cooking horizons.

Plan your meals ahead

When you come home after a hectic day at the office, it’s natural for you to grab your phone and order a pizza. However, it’s not the healthiest decision, is it? There’s something you can do to prepare nutritious homemade food during the week in less than 20 minutes.

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All you need to do is meal prep; chop vegetables, cook sauces, and freeze them inside a Ziploc bag. This way, it won’t be a struggle to cook healthy meals on weekdays. Just put them in the fridge Sunday night before the work or school week. Then you can add them to pasta or salads for dinners without the hassle.

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