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After Thanksgiving, What’s Next? Here Are Ways To Use Your Leftover Cranberry Sauce

While Thanksgiving is a one-day affair, it always involves numerous recipes that we find ourselves trying hard to finish to prevent wastage. Speaking of Thanksgiving leftovers, the famous cranberry sauce always features on the list. That’s why we’ve compiled different ways to use this sweet and tart sauce after Thanksgiving day. Here are five delicious ideas to try.

Maple cranberry syrup

It’s a good thing that cranberry sauce can be used four to five days after its preparation; this means you can keep it until you want to make a delicious breakfast pancake or French toast. No, we’re not talking about adding it to your dough.

Courtesy: The Spice House

In a saucepan on your stovetop, you could heat some leftover cranberry sauce with maple syrup. Spoon this simple cranberry maple syrup over your French toast or pancakes. The sweet-tart taste will spice up your breakfast experience.

Cranberry-flavored baguette

Another good way to make use of your cranberry sauce is to make it into an appetizer. This cranberry-flavored baguette doesn’t require much effort; you get to enjoy your sauce in its original form- no cooking.

To make this appetizer, toast your baguette until it’s crisp and wait a bit for it to cool down. Then top it with goat cheese (or softened cream cheese), followed by cranberry sauce, whole berries, and fresh thyme leaves. The taste is so good- you might get addicted.

Meatballs with cranberry sauce

Your leftover cranberry sauce doesn’t have to end up as an appetizer or snack. It can be incorporated into a wholesome dinner. Heat a teaspoon of black pepper and cumin, a cup of cranberry sauce, and 12 ounces of chili sauce in a large skillet. 

Courtesy: Jo Cooks

Then, fold in 22 ounces of thawed, cooked meatballs; stir until the meatballs are heated thoroughly. You could top this meal with chopped parsley and serve with mashed potatoes. The flavor is something that will easily please any crowd.

Freestyle with Thanksgiving salad

Of course, cranberry sauce is hardly the only food item left over after Thanksgiving dinner. So, it’s a no-brainer that many people make Thanksgiving salad one or two days after the ultimate Turkey Day.

Courtesy: Detoxinista

This Thanksgiving salad often features anything that makes sense- including leftover cranberry sauce. You could turn your cranberry sauce into a vinaigrette and add all your vegetable leftovers for a delicious, one-of-a-kind salad.

Yogurt and granola with cranberry sauce

Speaking of easy and tasty cranberry sauce breakfasts, this is another alternative that proves to us that breakfast loves cranberries. You could easily make a bowl of breakfast goodness with your leftover sauce; here is how.

Courtesy: Cultured Guru

In a blender, puree some cranberry sauce, then swirl it into yogurt (we recommend vanilla bean). Then, you could top it off with your preferred granola and some whole cranberries. This breakfast bowl will make you leave your cranberry sauce on purpose next time.

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