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Searching For Italy Highlights: These Are The Recipes We Love The Most

In the popular show “Searching for Italy,” actor Stanley Tucci gave us a ‘delicious’ tour of Roman cuisine from Naples and the Amalfi coast back to Sicily in the south. He explored the peninsula in search of the country’s rich and fascinating history, all told through the medium of food during the period of relaxed coronavirus restrictions. Which of the meals from the show are worth trying? Here are five of the most famous ones.

Pizza in Naples

Of course, any food trip to Italy has to include pizza. Stanley didn’t disappoint, as pizza highlights the first episode. The classic Neapolitan pizza at Pizzeria la Notizia made an appearance. Even from the look, we know it’s not regular American style.

Courtesy: The Guardian

The fried pizza at Pizza Fritta da Fernanda in Naples is legendary. You can even make it at home with ingredients like tomato Bavarese and buffalo mozzarella. There are different recipes to try online.

Pasta in Rome

It’s not surprising that Rome has a rich food culture; the city is surrounded by the fertile land of Lazio, which produces some of the best ingredients in the country. Tucci showed us four famous pasta delicacies in the show.

Courtesy: CNN

Stanley headed over to Armando al Pantheon’s restaurant, where he ordered the Roman classic rigatoni. The show also included other pasta delicacies including all’amatriciana, pasta alla gricia, and carbonara (which, in our opinion, is the ultimate Roman pasta).

Risotto Milanese in Milan

The northern city of Milan is the cosmopolitan capital of finance and commerce, design, and fashion– and has its particular food traditions. There, Stanley meets up with locals who guide him through the streets of a city that is a mix of the modern and the ancient. 

Risotto Milanese is the symbol of the city, and it is a dish that is both warm and hearty, as well as delicate and subtle. What fascinates us the most is the golden hue of the delicacy- it’s mouthwatering!

Steak Florentine in Tuscany

One of Italy’s best-known regions, Tuscany, has given the world so much in terms of art and culture, science, and progress, but the same is true of its food. The local cuisine is rich in oil, with plenty of flavor, and will never leave you hungry.

Courtesy: Food & Wine

Although there are many delicacies that the region has to offer, Steak Florentine is one of the best. The show also highlighted popular Tuscan delicacies like ribollita and cantucci.

Spaghetti alla Bottarga in Sicily

Stanley Tucci ended his food tour with a bang on the island of Sicily. With the nickname ‘God’s kitchen,’ you already know that Sicilian cuisine is one-of-a-kind. Considering the history of the island’s cuisine, Stanley kept the best for the last.

Courtesy: 196 flavors

On the show, he enjoyed the classic Spaghetti alla Bottarga. While Sicily has other spaghetti recipes, this particular one is unarguably the most famous. The Sicilian Cannoli dessert is also a hit!

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