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Long Live The Queen: Become Part Of The Royal Family By Preparing Queen Elizabeth’s Drop Scones Recipe

Few events have shaken modern society like the death of Queen Elizabeth II. Although the woman was already 96 years old, no one expected her to leave this world so soon. Nonetheless, we aren’t here to mourn her but to honor and celebrate her long life by sharing her trademark recipe– the royal drop scones. Before we start, grab a pen and some paper to write because you’re about to learn how to make the most delicious scones in the world!

The story behind the royal drop scone recipe

Before we give you Queen Elizabeth II’s drop scone recipe, let’s go back to 1959. Back then, the Royal Family would vacation at the Balmoral Castle in Scotland now and then, but that year was special because they received a particular guest.

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U.S. President Dwight David Eisenhower stayed at the castle for a few days and fell deeply in love with the Queen’s British breakfast treats, so much so that Elizabeth sent him the recipe via mail on January 24, 1960.

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