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Not Your Typical Cheese Board: These Vintage Christmas Appetizers Were Forgotten For A Reason

We all look forward to Christmas Eve to see our loved ones, exchange thoughtful presents, and play exciting family games. But, when those special traditions have a table full of delicious food as a backdrop, we feel the Christmas spirit even more. As it turns out, the definition of a “delicious” Christmas dinner has changed radically over time. From tinted cream cheese and Ritz canapés to a pineapple and Miracle Whip salad, take a look at these five retro appetizers that will make your stomach turn!

A turkey centerpiece for Christmas

Imagine you’ve been invited for Christmas dinner at your grandparents’ house. Once you’ve said hello to all your relatives and caught up on each others’ lives, you head toward the dining room. As you approach the clothed table, an unlikely decoration catches your eye.

Image courtesy of Mascola

We still can’t decide whether this turkey olive display is adorable or creepy. One thing’s for sure, whoever made it must’ve thought that it was a masterpiece. We have to give them credit for their creativity, though, especially for using a sunflower seed as the turkey’s nose!

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