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From Wiggly Food To Flambéed Desserts, Check Out These Five Food And Drink Trends We Should Look For In 2023

Last year, TikTok user Chef Pii surprised her followers with an intriguing recipe; she had made a bright pink sauce and dipped everything in it, from fried chicken tenders to burgers. Naturally, people were curious to know what the fluorescent condiment contained (it was later revealed that it was dragon fruit, honey, oil, chili, and garlic), making millions want to try it out for themselves. We’re not sure what this year’s food-related trends will look like, but we can still have an educated guess. Here are some of the foodie trends we expect to see in 2023!

Flambé dishes and drinks

This impressive cooking technique consists of using alcohol (and an eye-catching show of dramatic flames) to caramelize or cook a dish or cocktail. Flambé means “flamed” or “flaming” in French. Liquor is poured over food and ignited, leaving behind an exquisite flavor.

Image courtesy of Masterclass

If done correctly, it shouldn’t leave a strong alcoholic flavor. A flambéed dish we’d love to see on menus everywhere this year is the delicious banana foster, a traditional New Orleans dessert made with cooked bananas, brown sugar, cinnamon, rum, and banana liquor.

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