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Eating in the Name of Love: Here Are Valentine Specials At Your Favorite Chains to Indulge in With That Special Someone

Since it’s all about sharing love, Valentine’s Day is always a perfect time for exchanging gifts with loved ones- and is there a better gift than a mind-blowing snack? However, not everyone has an extravagant box of candies in their budget. You can enjoy the festivity with your loved ones or best buddies by ordering Valentine-themed snacks from your favorite chain restaurant and fast-food spots. Here are five heart-shaped and love-themed treats to indulge in!

Papa John’s Heart-Shaped Pizza

Is there ever an occasion where pizza doesn’t fit in? We don’t think so, either. So, if you’d prefer a delicious, whole meal instead of a sugary dessert, this pizza is your best option.

Courtesy: POPSUGAR

We love the fact that this pizza comes unsliced- it allows you to ‘freestyle’ and cut up whatever size you want. The thin-crust pizza comes with a topping of your choice for just about $12. The heart-shaped pizza is available from Feb 6 to 14. 

Dairy Queen V-Day Blizzard Cake

Of course, we know Dairy Queen as a home to several sweet treats. However, to celebrate love on Valentine’s Day, they are dedicated to indulging people with their amazing blizzard cake.

Courtesy: BayDQ

The Blizzard Cake’s first layer is a triple truffle blizzard with three decadent truffles: caramel, peanut butter, and fudge. Truffles make the second layer, while a chocolate topping adds another exciting twist.

Dunkin’ Heart Donuts

As you already know, there is nothing regular about the Valentine-themed donuts offered by Dunkin’. The popular Cupid’s Choice Donut comes with Bavarian Kreme filling, a topping of strawberry icing, and pink and red sprinkles.

Courtesy: Dunkin’

If you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day with your buddies, you might want to get the Brownie Batter Donut. The donut is made with a smooth brownie batter buttercream and layered with chocolate icing and sprinkles. Could anything be sweeter?

Hardee’s Heart Biscuits

Of course, cakes, candies, and donuts aren’t the only sweet treats you can spoil your special person with on Valentine’s Day. These soft, heart-shaped biscuits from Hardee’s taste just like Valentine’s- undeniably sweet.

Courtesy: Mashed

The homemade biscuits are stuffed with a jam-like filling and drizzled with sweet icing. Hardee’s Heart Biscuits will be available at participating restaurants from Feb. 11 to 14. You can either get the biscuits separately or as a part of a combo.

Buca di Beppo Heart-Shaped Lasagna

Lasagna has always been a crowd-pleaser, but who knew the delicacy could also speak the language of love? This heart-shaped lasagna is made to serve two, making it perfect for a romantic outdoor Valentine’s date.

Courtesy: Buca di Bepp

The lasagna includes layers of ricotta, provolone, meat sauce, Parmesan, and mozzarella. If your loved one loves pasta, they would appreciate nothing more than this festive, romantic dish.

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