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Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth and Stay Healthy: Healthy Candies That Taste Like the Real Thing

Americans consume an unhealthy amount of sugar. Candy is one of the sources of added sugar in most people’s diets. However, the good thing is that we don’t have to stop eating candy in the name of reducing our sugar intake. There are several naturally-flavored candy options from healthy candy brands- and this article is about five of them.


SmartSweets candy contains neither added sugar nor fake color; the bright colors come from fruit juices. The reason most people dislike non-sugar candies is that they often taste ‘fake.’ This plant-based brand is real in its ingredients and nostalgic flavors.


Aside from sugar, this candy also has no artificial sweeteners or alcohol. This candy is a healthier version of childhood faves like peach rings, sour watermelon candies, and sweet fish.

Little Secrets

There is a plethora of naturally flavored candy gummies out there, but what about chocolate wafers? Not so many. These chocolate wafers taste as good as the traditional ones and are made with less than 30% sugar.


Little Secrets dark chocolate wafers are made with fair trade chocolate and don’t include hydrogenated oils or corn syrup. The touch of sea salt gives the wafers a unique taste. These will scratch your chocolate craving itch while keeping your sugar intake low.


This variety pack from UNREAL offers different chocolate candy choices, with six options to satisfy your sweet tooth. These chocolates are made using fair trade chocolate and are all non-GMO project verified.


Furthermore, these candies don’t contain sugar alcohol. Inspired by your favorite chocolate treats, the pack contains dark chocolate quinoa gems, dark chocolate coconut bars, almond butter cups, and more.

PROJECT 7 Joyride

Who said we have to give up our beloved sour gummies to reduce our sugar consumption? This gummy candy pack is the real deal! The candies taste like our favorite sour gummies without all the artificial stuff.


Made without inulin and sugar alcohol, these gummy candies are vegan and contain only 3g of sugar. The variety includes sour fruit gummies, sour gummy worms, peachy mango rings, and fruity gummy bears.


These healthy lollipops are free of the top eight allergens, so you don’t have to worry about allergies. Unlike some other organic lollipops, there is nothing ‘bland’ about these sweets- they taste great!


The pops come in different flavors, like watermelon, mango, pomegranate, and strawberry. They are artificial dye-free, gluten-free, vegan, and kosher.

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