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Passover Snack Hacks: Creative and Delicious Ways to Spice Up That Box of Matzo

It’s almost Passover, which means another box of matzo must be added to your meal plan. It’s fun to eat matzo pizzas on the first day of Passover, but that feeling doesn’t last forever. In a few days, you’ll be looking at those tasteless crackers and just wish it would disappear. Good news! You can make several Passover snacks with matzo that will thrill your tastebuds- and they are easy! Here are five of them.

Matzo Pies

Matzo pies, also called minas, are one of the most common traditional dishes for Sephardic Jews in Greece, Spain, Turkey, and parts of Africa. There are different minas recipes all over the internet- but you can add a unique touch.

Courtesy: The Vegan Atlas

Layer the matzo in between a combination of avocados and cashews instead of the typical cheese. Furthermore, to go all vegan, you could incorporate potato and spinach. However, you can mix and match as you like; it’s a pie, after all!

Chocolate Covered Matzo

Any excuse to indulge in the goodness of chocolate, we’re in! The exciting thing is that Passover is another time to enjoy chocolate snacks. You can combine your matzo crackers with chocolate to make an sweet treat.

Courtesy: Food Network

However, filling your snack jar with chocolate-covered matzo crackers isn’t the end of the road. You can take things up a notch by inviting white chocolate, chopped nuts, and sprinkles.

Passover Baklava Bimuelos

If you’re familiar with bimuelos, you might be wondering why the delicacy is on a Passover snack list since it’s a Hanukkah food. Well, you can make delicious baklava bimuelos with matzo for Passover.

Courtesy: Little Ferraro Kitchen

To make this tasty dish, fry eggs, spices, and crushed matzo- then cover the combo in rose water syrup and a layer of ground pistachios. Your friends and family will be shocked this is kosher for Passover and still delicious!

Matzo Pizza

Who doesn’t like a slice (or more!) of pizza? You don’t have to miss out on this cheesy delight during the holiday. Just replace the crust with matzo.

Courtesy: Serious Eats

You’ll need a handful of shredded cheese, a few spoonfuls of tomato sauce, and your preferred vegetables. While different recipes recommend different cook times, most Jewish cookbooks recommend baking at 400° for five minutes. 

Matzo Hot Dog Bites

Matzo and hot dog? This snack is super delicious and easy to whip up. You’ll be done in ten minutes or so. Start by placing a whole piece of matzo in a dish containing a whisked egg and three tablespoons of water.

Courtesy: Talis Global Home

Wrap the dampened matzo around a hot dog and cook in a non-stick skillet with two teaspoonfuls of heated oil. Turn it over often to ensure the hotdog is well-cooked. Slice into one-inch pieces and serve with mustard dipping.

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