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Perfect Pancake Masterclass: Forget About Ingredients, Your Pancakes Will Fall Flat Without These Tips

Have you had this experience where you made the perfect batter only to pour it on the pan, and it became a soupy mess? Common scenarios like these tell us that many small things go into making perfectly even, round, fluffy pancakes. We often overlook these important tips when making pancakes. In this article, we’ll highlight tips and how to incorporate them for the best results.

Is butter better than oil?

Although many people generally prefer to use butter for cooking instead of oil, it’s not always the best option. When it comes to pancakes, butter might make your pancakes brown too fast. 

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Preparing your pancakes in a neutral oil like canola, vegetable, or grapeseed oil is always better to prevent premature browning. Furthermore, oil won’t burn like butter when it gets too hot because it has a higher smoke point.

Timing is key

You may have thought it was old-school when your mom told you, “Pancakes should only be flipped once.” Well, that’s about as true as it gets; you shouldn’t flip your pancakes carelessly.

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When you flip your pancake too early, you can say goodbye to perfect shape as it will look misshapen and deflated. On the other hand, if you flip your pancake too late, it’ll become burnt instead of golden brown. You could experiment with the first pancake to get the timing right.

Grease the pan- but don’t overdo it

Greasing your pan makes everything easier because nothing will stick to the pan. However, you should always remember that too much is never good. So, too much oil or butter in your pan is a no. 

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When your pan is over-greased, it weighs your pancake down and makes it greasy. Furthermore, don’t just grease one part and expect the oil or butter to spread. You should do the spreading before pouring in your batter.

Mix your ingredients carefully

As much as many people think mixing their batter ‘perfectly’ to remove lumps is a must, the truth remains that it’s not even good. When you overmix, gluten develops in the batter and makes your pancakes heavier instead of being fluffy. 

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So you don’t have to worry about the few lumps; they’ll sort themselves out when they get inside the pan. Furthermore, if you have the time, let your batter rest for about thirty minutes before you make your pancakes.

Preheating your pan

Even when you’re in a hurry, you shouldn’t skip the aspect of preheating your pan. The reason is simple- when you don’t preheat your pan, your pancake will be greasy and dense because it’ll soak up the fat. 

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Preheating your pan is what gives your pancake that appetizing golden brown top. Furthermore, as your pancake cooks, make sure your pan is at optimal temperature- adjust the heat if need be. 

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