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Fictional Feasts: Meals From Our Favorite Cartoons That We Wish We Could Eat in Real Life 

While the plot reels us into cartoons, many other elements draw us in. One such factor is the food! These vividly colored and creatively shaped cartoon meals have a way of making us hungry. In this article, we’ll highlight five of these tempting cartoon meals we wish we could recreate IRL.

Bob’s Burgers in Bob’s Burgers

Bob’s Burgers is about a failing burger business that is always offering out-of-the-world creations. Exciting creations are always added to the restaurant’s menu, regularly giving guests unique delicacies.

Courtesy: NPR

Although not all of them are always appetizing, we can’t help but wish we could taste those burgers in real life. The cartoon’s creative combination of cheese, beef patties, and veggies has given us several burger ideas to try. 

The Naco in Kim Possible

While there are several cartoon delicacies we can’t possibly eat in real life, some of these meals are enticing to us because we feel like we can reinvent them. The naco is a sort of culinary harmony between nachos and the taco. 

Courtesy: Wiki Fandom

The balance of cheese and nachos features fresh tomato, warm beef, and crisp lettuce; the optional side of Diablo sauce adds a spicy kick. The appearance of this delicacy is enough to make our mouths water even if we don’t know the taste.

Brontosaurus Ribs in The Flintstones

In the first season of this series, Fred Flintstone attempts to solve his food issues by joining an overeaters group- and it took him from one failed diet to another. Well, with the available food choices, we wouldn’t blame him.

Courtesy: Reddit

However, the most alluring delicacy is the family-sized portion of Brontosaurus ribs that the family enjoys at night. While we might want to slather the ribs in a tasty sauce, we can’t because the brontosaurus is extinct.

Pizza in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

What makes a teenage turtle grow better than a delectable serving of pizza? Absolutely nothing! This pizza consists of veggie toppings, pepperoni, and pineapples- and we know the dough is also incredible.

Courtesy: CBR

There is a popular story that Peter Laird and Kevin Eastman wrote about the delicacy in the comics after eating it(pizza). Well, as kids, we used to wish we could share the gooey pizza with our friends at home.

The grey stuff in Beauty and the beast

From the sounds to the food, this animated movie captivates viewers’ attention and makes it hard to pick a favorite. Well, the off-grey custard that Belle dines on is at the top of our list.

Courtesy: Cartoon Cuisine

The song lets us know how delicious the dessert tastes. Although an airy cream topping is sold at Disney’s theme park as an alternative, we would still love the taste of the real ‘grey stuff.’

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