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Tastes Like Nostalgia: Tips To Bake The Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies At Home

Chocolate chip cookies stand unrivaled when it comes to the perfect snack for a sweet tooth. They combine two things that we love the most, cookies and chocolate. However, baking the perfect batch is a culinary art, and a little slip-up can result in a very different end product. Here are five tips to bake the perfect batch of delicious chocolate chip cookies that you’ll be proud to call your creation. You don’t need to turn into a granny to start baking the most coveted cookies in the neighborhood. (But you gotta send us some for teaching you how to bake these amazing cookies, okay?)

Creaming The Butter And Sugar Together

This is one of the first steps of making the dough for the cookie, and it is surprising to see how many people mess up here. Remember how they say, “Slow and steady wins the race”? Well, be the tortoise when baking!

Credits: Pexels

What we mean is that you take your time while mixing the butter and sugar together. Many newbie bakers rush themselves to the next stage and end up ruining their perfect batch of choco chip cookies right off the bat.

Chilling The Dough

Baking the perfect batch of chocolate chip cookies requires more patience than skill. Therefore, the next tip for baking the best cookies you ever had is to let the dough chill in the fridge for at least 24 hours.

Credits: Pexels

We know this might seem like a herculean task to some, but for those who make it through these 24 hours of monk-like self-control, the rewards you will reap will taste so delicious that you’ll realize it was well worth it!

Know The Temperatures

When handling temperature, you can always expect the end product to vary in proportion to the heat you use to cook it. Therefore, it shouldn’t be surprising that 300F, 375F, and 425F temperatures account for different textures of cookies.

Credits: Pexels

If you are aiming for a flatter, crunchier cookie that has a slightly toffee-like aftertaste, you should bake your cookies at 300F. At 425F, you get crunchier outer edges and cakier insides. 375F lies in the middle of the spectrum.

Melted Butter Gets You in the Crispy Cookie Club

Fan of thinner and crispier cookies? You can modify many steps to make the end product as per your liking. Besides the temperature, how you add your butter also plays a massive role in how your cookie turns out.

Credits: Pexels

Mixing melted butter in the sugar rather than creaming them together will give you thinner and crispier cookies. Of course, matching it well with the perfect temperature will only enhance the results!

Storing The Extras

Made more cookies than you can eat? Worry not! You can freeze and store them for at least a week or two without going foul. All you need to do is store them layer by layer in an airtight container with wax paper between each layer.

Credits: Unsplash

Also, if your cookies have gotten a little too brittle after freezing them, you can ‘re-soften’ them by throwing in a piece of bread in the container, which makes them soft again.

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